Water fleas can be treated with natural ingredients

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This blog article offers readers with detailed instructions regarding how to get rid of water fleas that are present in your home or apartment. It outlines several natural optionsincluding removing food containers and boiling a bowl of water, washing the feces, and using organic pesticides.


It is believed the presence of more parasites living in your house that you discern with your naked eyes. The parasites are small water fleas also known as water mites these are crustaceans with tiny sizes that are found in the tap water, swimming pools , and rivers. There is now a way to purchase natural ingredients for the treatment of these pesky crustaceans and there are a variety of methods to get rid of them.

What are water fleas?

Water fleas are tiny, slow-moving crustaceans which live in freshwater bodies and reservoirs. They can be very difficult to eliminate because they may create eggs. After hatching, the cycle is repeated all over. The fleas need to be removed by using a product containing ingredients that are effective against the pests. Many people don’t understand what a water flies is, you could begin to see a parasite lurking in your water supply. This is known as the glochidia. They are tiny creatures that reside in freshwater. Glochidia attach themselves to pipes in the water and cause harmful chemicals to escape into the water. It is impossible to remove these organisms without causing harm and significantly increasing the energy cost. It is possible to treat your water yourself using organic ingredients, but beware of how much it’s going to cost to protect the system against parasites.

Water fleas can be treated with baking soda

A number of websites claim that baking soda could be used to rid your home of fleas that have invaded your home, however the webmd.com website suggests that the most effective method is to sprinkle baking soda over the water and onto carpeting, for instance, which will cause it to sink rapidly and kill fleas upon contact. This is the best method starting point when you are looking for natural remedies for water fleas. Baking soda should be used as the main ingredient however you can mix things up by adding diatomaceous earth as well as essential oils. Add this mix to the tank regularly and it could also aid tremendously in fighting off the spread of bacteria and other ailments.

Water fleas treated in the barrel

To fight the fleas which may still hiding in your drinking water system , and diminishing the health benefits of garlic, it is a great liquid repellant to keep at home. Garlic produces a scent similar to the urine of a skunk, which means that they disappear quickly and will never come back! Barrels made of shrimp or processed fish can be used to catch water fleas. However, if the use of live animals is not an alternative, the barrel could be filled with cotton balls of organic origin or tea bags that are organic.


The quality of our water is dropping, we have to make minor adjustments to clean the water. One of them is using natural ingredients like amla powder and coconut milk. Amla powder is available in Indian shops or on the internet and coconut milk is difficult to come by. Other ingredients that are commonly used that other people use, such as vinegar or clay that can remove the majority of bacteria in water, and fight the infestation of bugs.

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