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As with the hair that covers your head, hair follicles aren’t just at the scalp. They extend all the way from your scalp to the end of your hair and each hair is a part of roots. Because the hair is connected or braided into one length, it is easy to create knots (those tiny knots, twists and pieces of hair that connect the roots) to push their way through the connections. This could cause split ends to form.

Split ends of various types

If you’re suffering from split ends there are two major aspects to consider. One is that the shampoo you’ve been using may add extra moisture, weighting down your hair. Another reason is that there are several reasons that can cause dry and brittle hair. When your scalp begins to dry and flake and splits, it causes split ends, which can cause breaks in your hair when they tug on one another excessively. Many people get split hair ends after they use the heat too frequently or use too much oil or hair product in their hair in addition to other reasons. Split ends cause hair to become dry and break easily. There are two kinds of split ends. The first is the sticky kind and occurs in dry hair because of using heat applications such as hair curling, blow drying or straightening, or applying hair products with lots of silicon or alcohol in the hair. The other is the rough type, that means your hair is in a mess due to the excessive amount of oil or shea butter you applied to your hair.

The history of splitting ends

Many people aren’t aware that split ends exist, it’s an almost normal condition that affects hair. Both genders typically suffer from this type of condition in their 30s, 20s and 40s as the fat that is at the base of the hair gets significantly coarser to cope the growth (mens typically experience this on their beards). Other factors can cause split ends, such as over-brushing or chemical treatments, as well as medications which can cause split ends.

Preventing split ends

Most of us experience an end that is split after washing. The cable ties made by this specific brand is an attempt to stop split ends from drying hair. If you don’t want shed your hair and are just interested in appearance, these are a great purchase for your beauty needs. Some hair strands hang from our scalps, either on the sides or behind. The split ends are difficult to get rid of, and frequently cause us to feel as if we’re in need of cut. There’s a simple way to stop split ends. Try regular split shampoo made from concentrate. Split the shampoo in three sections, with one each that is for use on your first day, the second and third days of use.

Effective home remedies for split ends

Split ends happen when the cuticle becomes too long, which causes the natural oils of your hair to leak out. The result is dry hair that is unhealthy and can look ugly to be honest! To avoid it occurring again Here are three easy and practical at-home tips to prevent split ends from happening.


A split end that has been created is caused by hair that is cut too short. The hair’s tip bounces upwards, and blocks the hair from being held in place and can result in a broken messy mess. The best way to prevent split ends is to ensure the hair you wear is sufficient in length so you can braid it or tie it in braids or a bun.

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